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Multi-day overnight environmental education programs are powerful experiences for students.  These programs are not only important sources of science education and academic enrichment, but they help students develop positive connections to the environment, foster awareness and appreciation, promote environmental stewardship, and support positive social and community development.


Despite the trans-formative potential of residential environmental education, relatively few students in Washington have the opportunity to experience such important programs.  This opportunity gap is particularly evident in the economically disadvantaged areas throughout Washington.


Mount Rainier Institute is committed to providing these experiences to all students. To do this we rely on the generous support from the philanthropic community. Funds are used to offset operating costs and to support tuition assistance to schools.

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Mount Rainier Institute

Mount Rainier Institute provides outstanding nature-based education experiences that are rooted in science and nurture the next generation of environmental stewards and leaders.

Make a Difference Help Connect Children to Nature

Make a Difference

Help Connect Children to Nature