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Bigleaf Maple Syrup

Program: Field Trip

Format: Class/Tour

Grade Level: 3-12

Tuition: $20 per person (tuition assistance available if needed)

Content: Life cycle and anatomy of a tree, natural resources

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Come take a tour of our very own Bigleaf Maple syrup production site.   While learning about the process of creating Bigleaf Maple syrup, students will engage in activities focusing on the life cycle, structure, and nutrients that trees need to survive and to produce the sap for syrup making.


Old Growth Exploration

Program: Field Trip

Format: Exploration
Grade Level: 3-12

Content: Ecosystems

While hiking and experiencing Pack Forest’s Old Growth Forest, students will engage in four hands-on investigations focusing on the components that characterize the old growth habitat.


Field Study

Program: Field Trip

Format: Field Study

Grade Level: 3-12

Content: Scientific Practice

Bring your students to us for a hands-on structured inquiry field study.  Our field study will be conducted in a temperate lowland forest.  Students will engage in many of the science practices while investigating a topic connected with your classroom curriculum.


Carbon Cycle Exploration

Program: Field Trip

Format: Exploration

Grade Level: 6-12

Content: Cycling of matter


Students will explore the role of carbon in a Western Washington forest.  While taking a closer look at different age forests students will be engaged in a number of activities that demonstrate how carbon moves through our forest system and where it is sequestered.


Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change

Program: Field Trip

Format: Field Investigation

Grade Level: 9-12

Content: Climate Change/Human Impact.


Students will engage in a regionally relevant field investigation on carbon sequestration and its role in climate change.  A tour of different aged forests will be given and students will have a chance to investigate the carbon stored in each.  Students will also collect and analyze data to determine the sequestration rates for the last five- and ten-year periods.


Fuel Loads, Wildfires, and Climate Change

Program: Field Trip

Format: Field Investigation

Grade Level: 9-12

Content: Climate Change/ Human Impact


Investigate how fuel loads, slope and human activity impact wildfire risk.  Students will collect data from multiple forest stands and analyze this data for wildfire risk.  While collecting data students will also participate in activities demonstrating how fire starts, builds, and moves through a forest.



Program: Outreach

Format: Class/Activity

Grade Level: 9-12

Content: Human Impact


We will come to you to deliver an engaging activity on human impacts on nature.  After a short presentation on land development your students will be placed in small community groups, together they will decide what approach they want to take to land being developed.


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